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Audio dock maker Soundfreaq recently released an Android version of its iOS remote control app and is now busy promoting its Bluetooth-equipped Soundstep as something for ‘droid-heads as well as iFans. Soundfreaq Soundstep Recharge SFQ-02RB compact speaker Looks good, sounds good: Soundfreaq's Soundstep Recharge SFQ-02RB …


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I apologise for my ignorance

But couldnt we just have a 3.5mm adapter that sits on the the standard apple plug? They way anyone with that port on there phone could use any portable speaker designed for an iThing?


kinda lame implementation

Like most iPhone/iPod kit usually has little exchangeable cradle pieces to fit the different types, they should have made USB cradle pieces for the most popular Android phones. The chinese would do the rest and make more adapters.

What Android owner wants to buy this and plug their phone in the back?


Could support DLNA for audio playback too, since everybody knows Bluetooth absolutely sucks and doing reasonable quality audio transfer.

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