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It has been a while since Scotland had something resembling a national strategy for public sector ICT. In the early 2000s it had the 21st Century Government Unit, and the Modernising Government Fund provided money for workstreams such as data standards, smartcards, a national land and property database, e-procurement and various …


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"A Scottish Government team...

"... has met with cabinet officials to discuss the reviews of major contracts and to share what they have learned."

And found out that a) politicians cannot write a sensible contract or bring in a project on time or on budget, but b) that doesn't matter because a few years down the line there'll be a lucrative directorship available...

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I think not. Highly unlikely really as England needs all of that wealth in Scotland.

Expect RN battleships at battle stations is more likely option.

Imagine effects on England of: Scotland going independent and in top 10 of worlds wealthiest nations. Couple that with EU booting out UK (perhaps much reduced UK? OK, England & Wales) for interfering too much on EU intentions to become a State of Nations (Union of European Soviet Republics or United States of Europe?)

The bankers, politicians and vested interests in England will not take such a stat of affairs without waging a war?

Imagine: Slovenia ranked higher than England in terms of gross domestic product, healthcare and workers security?



The SNP government is actually well regarded as a competent administrator, getting things done quietly, on time and within budget.

For those projects within its control.

So, if they've announced they're going to do something, I will fully expect it will happen, and just as they've planned.

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