back to article Bluetooth smartens up in low-energy makeover

The Bluetooth SIG has announced two new logos, aimed at pushing Bluetooth Low Energy without the clunky moniker. Bluetooth devices able to communicate with the latest sensors and low-power devices will be branded "Bluetooth Smart Ready", while the sensors themselves carry the "Bluetooth Smart" logo - ironically indicting they …


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Why is "Bluetooth Low Energy" a dumb name?

It is concise and to the point.

Compare with "Bluetooth Smart" which tells you absolutely nothing about it.

As you pointed it, the hardware is anything but smart.


so what

Bluetooth is the most widely distributed but least used technology ever. I have owned six or seven devices that were with Bluetooth chips but never once used them. Apart from the odd phone headset I have rarely seen Bluetooth used in the real world. Why do we have to pay for all this unused silicon?


Smart Ready

I think that's a stupid name. You're likely to equate it with "HD Ready" - i.e. not-quite-HD-but-we-might-be-able-to-provide-a-software-upgrade-if-we-can-be-bothered-later.

I agree with Skelband - "Bluetooth Low Energy" is a good enough name, at least it actually says what it is.

Anonymous Coward

Ready or not

I'm tired of the 'Ready' stuff. Either put it in as fully functional or don't. My family members buy this 'Ready' stuff and don't realize it will cost quite a bit more to purchase the add-on than it is to buy a product with the functionality to begin with.

'Smart' doesn't make any sense either. L.E. or low energy at least gives the impression of using less power.

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