back to article Thai floods flush storage channel clean

Distribution giant Computer 2000 has put disk drives on manual allocation to spread supply among its customer base while other distributors have completely frozen sales while they review the impact of the flooding in Thailand. The Far East country has been hit by the worst flooding in over half a century, with the world's …


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  1. Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance
    Thumb Up

    Things seem pretty normal so far..

    Just checked my usual sources for hard drives.

    Certainly not going down in price, or up in choice of selection, but seems pretty stable so far. I'm sure they will milk it for all it is worth, but you can only milk the cow so far in these dire economic times. Mmmm... Eggs/Milk/Hard Drive... let me see... Crap analogy...

    I hear you all those that make comparisons from the egg and the basket, but just want to say -

    I hope you can get through this ok Thailand. My thoughts don't mean much, but they are with you. I hope you come out of this ok. I wish you well...

  2. Robert E A Harvey

    Aye. Like Bradley said, there are more important things going on in this story

  3. Dick Emery

    Check the prices at Ebuyer etc. A 50% rise in prices across the board. I got scared and grabbed a 2tb Seagate off Ebay for £59 before it gets too costly.

  4. Sandtitz Silver badge

    What idiots...

    Now why would 3/4 of HDD manufacturers have their production in the same city? Talk about eggs in the same basket. Clearly the SWOT analysis needs updating.

    This looks like a great opportunity to Samsung to grab a lot of market share if the floods continue or the Seagate, WD and Toshiba (not mentioned in the article) plants need extensive repairs.

    Then again, looks like we will have to pay a lot more for server storage in the near future.

  5. QrazyQat

    Why make 'em there?

    Why there? Because in Thailand that's where the people are, and because Thailand is the sweet spot for quality/price manufacturing (just ask Honda).

    Now ask why they didn't plan for an annual event -- worse this year than others, certainly, but annual and predictable.

    1. Sandtitz Silver badge

      Why indeed

      Yes, Bangkok is surely the place to be if building a mfg plant in Thailand.

      I'm not going to ask Honda why Thailand is the optimum place to manufacture anything. They are building something completely different. If you can provide some hard facts about Thailand's cheaper labor, better quality or better infrastructure than say, India or China, please enlighten us.

  6. Paul


    This could be a big nudge to mass SSD adoption, certainly prices seem keener than ever.

    it's a bit easier to wash an SSD and it's more likely to work after immersion!

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