back to article Motorola sharpens smartphones with revamped Razr

Motorola revived one of its most popular handset brands today: Razr. At a European launch in Berlin, the company insists it addressed four key areas with the Razr, making it thinner, stronger, faster and smarter. Motorola Droid Razr At just 7.1mm thick - though it bulges out further where the camera is located - and 127g in …


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  1. nichobe


    Take Zumocast a great app and lock it to your own handset.

    Suck you Motorola - give back to Android a little.

  2. spencer


    If it has motoblur then it'll run dog slow and have a battery life of half a day.

    That's how bad motoblur is.

  3. Peter Ford

    Kevlar is yellow

    That *looks* like carbon fibre to me...

    1. Giddy Kipper

      Erm. Peter.


      Thin no longer equals frail. We made the MOTOROLA RAZR with KEVLAR® fibre, while Corning® Gorilla® Glass helps the screen stand up to the scratches and scrapes that are bound to happen. Spilt coffee? Caught in the rain? No problem. This phone is protected with a splash-guard coating — even the electrical boards inside.

      Please. Just try a little harder.

    2. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

      Kevlar is UV sensitive and has a fleshy translucency. Both problems are commonly solved by making it black.

  4. gautam


    WOuld liek mor e infor onprice and camera results. Memory? Any comparisons with SgII ?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yet another not-iPhone


    Wow, look, another phone that is an exact copy of the iPhone. Amazing. Motorola must have fired all their industrial designers as well! I mean, can't these "me-too" manufacturers get a clue and do some innovative designing themselves and stop copying the iPhone? Is that too hard, or am I missing something? Maybe it is true, there just is no way to make a smart phone that doesn't look like an iPhone.


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Gosh (optional)

      Gosh, 6 downvotes.

      The APPL haters her in force trying to prop up there misguided position by downvoting a humorous and pointed comment which points out that (a) Smartphones do not need to copy the iPhone and (b) not copying the iPhone can result in something pretty cool - even from the notoriously un-cool Motorola.

  6. Voland's right hand Silver badge

    It is not RAZR

    This is passing off on a good design and good phone (for its time). Now if it had a flip to cover/hide the screen (even as an accessory) this would have been a different story.

    In fact, if noone selss one, I will be tempted to mod it with one :) This is if I ever get it of course.

    1. alpine


      Yes, no way I'm going to have a bare piece of glass lying around in my pocket amongst the coins, keys etc. I'll wait until the stupid non clamshell fad passes thanks.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Yes, no way I'm going to have a bare piece of glass lying around in my pocket amongst the coins, keys etc. I'll wait until the stupid non clamshell fad passes thanks.

      1. Matt Piechota

        RE: Clamshell

        "Yes, no way I'm going to have a bare piece of glass lying around in my pocket amongst the coins, keys etc. I'll wait until the stupid non clamshell fad passes thanks."

        I've had a original Droid (milestone UK and other places) for nearly two years now, and put the first scratch in the screen yesterday. By dropping the phone face-down on pavement and sliding. Gorilla glass is really, really tough.

  7. Paul Boocock (UK)

    Going by Motorola's usual update time frames, early 2012 will be June and it will only roll out to 3 countries to start with, followed by the rest of the world around 4 months later. It will be full of bugs, whether the skin it or not. If they skin it, expect even more bugs. Maybe even some random reboots.

    People need to leave Motorola well alone now. Buy a Samsung, HTC or Sony phone. Intact, buy anything that isn't from Motorola.

    I'm not bitter or anything...

  8. Gil Grissum

    The most impressive Android offering. Probably has nothing to do with Google soon to own Motorola, but then again, it's there baby, so don't be too shocked if Moto continues to produce outstanding handsets with docking options. Something to consider in the future.

  9. dotdavid
    Thumb Down


    When I first heard of the Droid RAZR I hoped for a flip phone. Seems instead we get another generic slab.

    No, I don't think it's "copying the iPhone", but you have to admit most high-end Android handsets have very little difference between them.

    Stop trying to differentiate on software, Moto (Blur sucks anyway), and come out with some different form factors.

  10. Ross K

    Please please please

    Don't let there be Motoblur on it. They ruined the Atrix with that crap...

  11. NoneSuch

    Don't buy this phone until Cyanogen is available for the RAZR. Then MOTOBlur will be MOTODeleted.

  12. Andus McCoatover

    Well, Saturday I played with a Nokia N9 (in an Elisa shop)

    I can tell you, it's light, thin, fast, intuitive. I didn't have to switch the lingo from Finnish to English to know exactly what to do. Did I say it's thin? Remarkably so.

    It's simply fuc*king beautiful. Maybe the best Nokia's ever produced.

    Fitting for a swan-song.

    But at an eye-watering €599 for the 16Gig version, to the €699 64Gig jobbie, for an unemployed bloke with limited savings, I'd want serious discount if I goto the dealer (Where I got my N8-00 from) to swap.

    But, man, it was awesome. The only axe I have to grind is the one I wanna plant in Elop's skull..

    Motorola's got to play a lot of 'catch-up' to beat this mother!.

    Doing my sums, and if the dealer and I can make a deal, I'll have one tomorrow. Shop opens at 10:00 am.

    1. Thomas 4


      Let us know how you get on with it, in terms of day-to-day performance and external apps. I'd honestly be interested.

    2. Andus McCoatover


      Nah, I'd have to pay the contract on my N8 off, then take a new contract (24 months) for the N9. Economic suicide. Played with the thing again today.

      <wuss_mode>Pity, it's sooo beautiful</wuss_mode>

      It's one to want. Believe me, it's lovely. You'd slaver over it. Nokia finally got it right. If they'd have released it 8 months ago, Steven Wallop wouldn't be necessary.

      Hey, IDEA!! (Eureka moment!) Girlie needs a Christmas present!! She can have my re-boxed N8, and I get the wuss-phone! Yaaay!

      (El. Reg - if you call the iPhone a Jesus phone, can we call the N9 a "Wuss Phone")

      1. Andus McCoatover

        Reminding me about "jesus phone" and patents...

        Wonder if Steve Jobs and Jesus are now negotiating IP rights....

  13. Brian 6

    Love It

    I really like this phone. Thin and fast. Very nice screen. 12 hour talk time, and $300. Whats not to like ?

    1. Tim #3

      where did you get the $300 figure from? Would be a reasonable price though.

      Anyone spot any big differences between this & a Defy? Though I'm really after a non-smartphone that is rugged & has a good quality camera, lack of signal at home makes much else pointless.

  14. This post has been deleted by its author

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