back to article VMware profits more than double in Q3

Server virtualization and soon-to-be cloud juggernaut VMware continues to steamroll over its virtualization rivals and bankroll revenue growth and stunning profit growth this year. In the third quarter ended in September, VMware posted sales of $941.9m (£597.9m), up 31.9 per cent from the year ago period. Software licence …


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Anonymous Coward

Hooray for a bad decision...

I remember years ago 2002'ish when corporate interest really begain to build in virualisation ( at least in my corporate - virtualisation had been around before that ) and M$ had no product to offer but was clearly nervous about it. They had the chance to buy VMWare , but instead bought Connectix which is where they got the abomination that was Virtual PC from.

The general feeling , as I recall, was that if M$ were serious about the potential they would buy VMWare but if they just wanted to try and spoil the market by having a crap virtualisation offering ( with the forever unfulfilled promise of something better to come ) they would buy Connectix.

Hard to imagine where we would be now if they had bought VMWare and then hung it out to dry.

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