back to article HP pushes out OS update for 'defunct' tablet

HP has pushed out an WebOS update for its TouchPad, a tablet seemingly stuck twixt life and death. According to an HP blogger, the update features "improved performance… better support for the camera [and] improved messaging". HP has "made connectivity with non-HP phones possible", and its WebOS engineers have "touched [up] …


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  1. HMB

    Defunct Tablet?

    Mine not only works well, I'm looking forward to putting Android on there via the lovely people at Cyanogen Mod.

    It'd be nice to think WebOS will keep going, but doesn't seem realistic to me.

    1. N13L5
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      If HP wants any chance of selling WebOS to a company like HTC or whoever, they have to keep up development and make some noise about what they're doing - just keep it alive.

      This is a good idea to do, even if they have not decided what exactly to do with it. They probably kept the core of the team working on it and stuck it in the R&D budget for the moment.

      Maybe they even did decide on something, like a new tablet with a slide-out keyboard muahaha.

      There's enough phones like that people are buying already. A decent keyboard on a tablet might get me to wonder if there could be a point to buying a tablet after all.

  2. Gary F

    A good thing should never be left to die

    It's also a good thing that CEO's don't read blogs which allows the dedicated techies to carry on putting TLC into their creations. I've been there before, it hurts when the boss kills off something that people genuinely like that shows innovation and it's difficult to let it go. Something you think by carrying on making it even better the boss will change their mind.

  3. HP Cynic

    Just checked and here in the UK my TouchPad found this:

    "...53 Meg File so we'll download it over the next 2 days while your TouchPad is idle..."

    Hits "Download Now".

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "some very cool development "

    so cool it's moribund

  5. Shocked Jock

    Er, no.

  6. Levente Szileszky


    ...just awesome timing - I just learned that my 32GB TP is on the Fedex truck, out for delivery. :)

    1. Levente Szileszky
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      RE: Awesome...

      And last I night I opened it, did the basic setup then started the OS update... today morning I had a fast, very nice tablet that pretty much plays and does everything I throw at it.

      After about an hour or so I'm very impressed so far; keep the updates coming, HP. :)

  7. bhtooefr

    The UI is webOS's best asset

    So working on the UI makes perfect sense.

    And, HP's said almost all along that they're continuing OS updates and such for the devices in the field.

  8. cymbalhead
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    Decent Update

    Definite improvements here and there - performance enhancements and bug fixes in the browser and a few other places. Still a fair bit needing attention, but in general, it's all working pretty well for my needs.

    Shame webOS won't really ever get the big upgrades it deserved, but while it is still limping along it's plenty enough for me in both phone and tablet guise.

  9. Lighthouse IT

    Having installed cyanogenmod 7.1 I have to wonder why the very confused HP still bothers? Whilst I like the UI and I like the cards, the apps and functionality just are not there. With android I can now access Citrix, RDP to my servers and watch iplayer live. The hardware is good maybe they should bring out a tablet with Android on for Christmas!!!

  10. HP Cynic

    Installed a few hours back and the only message I got onscreen regarding new features was:

    "Makes it snappier" - hard to say since I already Patched the hell out of mine via PreWare to remove the awful logging-induced lag.

    "You can now turn off apps by flicking them off the top of the screen in Card View" - huh? That was a basic feature out of hte box.....

    So I've no real idea what this update did.

  11. TheOtherJola

    Does HP even know where it's going?

    There, I fixed it

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hopefully skype is fixed

    People at the other end always say the connection is bad.

  13. Chris Beach

    Bit Late

    First Alpha of Cyanogen was released last week, and it runs extremely well. The only issue I've noticed is battery life is much lower, but understandable for a first unoptimised release.

  14. Peter Gordon
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    Well, I don't like Android

    so webOS updates, especially ones that make big improvements like this one, are very welcome to me.

    And lets face it, only a small number of TP purchasors are going to be installing Android.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Thanks for the update HP, now restoring OS

    Ran the v3.04 update and now have a warning triangle on the screen. Going to suggests I must have pulled the battery out during the upgrade (I'd have a hell of a job managing that).

    Currently going through the recovery process with webos doctor.

    If you have any preware installed remove it all first, or proceed with caution.

    1. Levente Szileszky

      RE: Thanks for the update HP, now restoring OS

      "If you have any preware installed remove it all first, or proceed with caution."

      Ahhh, so were running some 3-rd party, unsupported kernel package and you were stupid enough to trying to apply HP's official update on it and when if failed you are blaming HP...?


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