back to article Hackers expose Citibank CEO's privates

Hacktivists have published a dossier of personal information on the head of Citigroup in retaliation for the cuffing of protesters at an Occupy Wall Street demo. Members of a group called CabinCr3w, a hacking gang affiliated with Anonymous, revealed phone numbers, an address, email address and financial information on Vikram …


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  1. Naughtyhorse

    affiliated with Anonymous...

    thats like one step down from

    " a group with known links to al queda "

    in that;

    a> it's affiliated to bollocks

    b> it's sloppy journaliss... ah, it's the reg.....

    ok carry on.

  2. Ru

    "affiliated with Anonymous"

    Does this actually mean anything at all?

  3. ed3203

    show me the money!

    so where's the dossier!!! I want the scoop, the info, the grubby details. otherwise what the hell's the point!!!

  4. eldel

    A note on colonial banking arrangements

    >> "encouraging people to close their accounts at high street banks and deposit their money with credit unions instead"

    Actually this is mandated by a knowledge of simple arithmetic. Anyone who has their main business with the big banks probably has a first name relationship with the drooling idiot at McDonalds due to eating there every day. Why people accept their abusive terms of business escapes me.

    Example - I recently changed jobs and as is fairly normal in the US my new employer <bigcorp> has a 'special relationship' with one of the big banks. So as part of the induction process you get a pitch from the bank. Being new to the area I open an account (it's free and convenient - also you need a local bank to write a cheque - there is no concept of a cheque guarantee card). Skip forward a few weeks and the old truck I'm driving finally starts to show signs of incipient mortality so I consider replacing it. Go to onsite bank branch waving flier promising 'great service and special offers for <bigcorp> employees'. Undergo 30 minute grilling about income and assets. Get told I'll get a decision 'soon'. 36 hours later I get an email telling me that the wonderful reduced rate for a car loan will mean payments of $X (where X is a suspiciously larger number than I was expecting). Takes 4 more email exchanges before they will tell me what the interest rate is that they think they are charging (which actually worked out to 19%). They were proud that they were only charging 11.5%. So - not only are they thieves - they can't do simple maths either.

    As the alternative I'd also contacted the convenient credit union at the same time. The conversation went like

    "Got a job ?"

    "Yeah - work for <bigcorp> - new starter"

    "Welcome to <state> - brought a payslip with you?>

    "Yup - here you are>

    "Thanks - home address ?"

    "Yup - wrote it all down (Note - I do this because the foreign accent tends to confuse the colonials)"

    "Thanks .... keyboard keyboard ...... approved - 3.5%"

    For those of you that are old enough to remember the local building societies (before they sold out) it's kinda like that

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ummm. Think again.

    Credit Unions trade with the major banks all the time. Any money in them is just as bad. The only way to correctly deal with the situation is to remove your money from the system. Go cash only.

    Operation Greenout is already active.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      How is 'cash only' a solution? if the economy tanks then your cash is just as worthless regardless of whether it's in a bank or under your mattress. However if your house burns down or you get burgled you're never going to see your savings again.

      Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      @AC 1634

      Hows about you go the whole hog and follow the example of some kids at the London G20 protests, who had an "Abolish Money" banner.

      That'd stick it to The Man.

      (nb: I, personally don't think they've fully thought it through, but what do I know I work for a bank and so am apparently a wanker, as are all people who work at banks, large or small, senior or the most lowley cleaner.)

  6. John Ruddy

    How can you be affiliated with an anonymous group?

  7. Owen Carter

    Damn those anons...

    "a hacking gang affiliated with Anonymous"

    Yeah.. but who isn't?

    1. Slabfondler

      Oh NOsssss!

      I post here, anyonymous posts here...I therefore am associated with anonymous.

      Is someone coming to arrest me?

  8. James 51 Silver badge

    Credit Unions too limited

    There are legally imposed limits on the banking you can do with Credit Unions (in the UK at least). Still it's been a few years since I looked into what they can do, might be worth another look.

    1. Robert Brockway

      Not in my countries

      I have accounts with Credit Unions in two countries and have never encountered or heard of any limitations on what I can do through the CUs.

  9. Nun of Thee Above

    Rymes with harlott

    They're seeking here, they're seeking there

    Those Home Boys [1] are seeking everywhere

    Did hack3rs p0wn us or is it a coup?

    Those demmed elusive CabinCr3w [2]


    [1] Homeland Security Boyos

    [2] Apologies to Baroness Orczy

  10. BinaryFu

    Occupy Everything...

    Looks like it just keeps growing. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

    Also, a side note - I do not believe the people are anti-capitalism. That would just be silly. They're anti-corporate controlled government, if I understand correctly.

    Basically, they, like a lot of people, are fed up of the people not having the government's ear because the corporations are stuffing the employees' ears with money.

    The closed door deals of "We'll give you support into office from our company if you help us..." to "Now that you're about to leave, make sure to do XYZ for us and then we'll get you a nice cushy job for you to retire on a big fat pension..."

    It's things like that which are raising the US citizen's hackles - not capitalism. I know you Euro-tourists assume if anyone's pissed at America, it boils down to anti-capitalism but that's a common mistake.

    1. LaeMing Bronze badge
      Thumb Up


      Capitalism is widely recognised as the most effective economic model humanity has ever divised.

      It makes a really crappy system of government though.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I disagree... on a fine point

      Capitalism is an awful financial system which relies on massive explotation and modern day slavery. It is the most sophisticated economic system devised in terms of making the most money to the fewest people. how can you honestly not be against it knowing all the horrors it unleashes?

      The less than a $1 a day salary for making things that are sold for 100s of dollars,

      Massive profits from making advanced things that blow up and kill whole families,

      Rapid deforestation and poisoning of water supplies,

      around 40% food wasted while there are around 30% people without food,

      Global production of goods which have to be produced at A, shipped half way around the world to B to be packed, and shipped again to be sold elsewhere,

      mass unemployment and homelessness,

      Lack of medicine to the most needy,

      Genocides and bribes to warlords and drug producers, etc.

      I can continue, The point is, pretty much all of this world's evils can be pinned down on this financial system, and very little good has come out of it, Some will argue that I use this computer and have a phone thanks to capitalism, but I thank the slaves who made it, not their bosses.

      Still, I agree with you that while this economic system is in place, we must make sure that it isn't involved in decision and policy making, and that it's properly regulated.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    As long as they go to prison, it's all good

    Antisec is just making it easier for authorities to round them up.

  12. nyelvmark

    Affiliation with Anonymous: Only €199.99 !!!!

    Just go to this site, enter your name, address, date of birth and credit card info and we will send you FREE (of p&p) an official Anonymous affiliation certificate!!!

    http:// <removed>

    (Validated Facebook account required)

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    withdrawing funds and closing their accounts

    Isn't that something we all have a right to do?

    And if we want to do it loudly, what's illegal about that?

    Since when was embarrassing a bank illegal? In fact, I have occasionally found loud embarrassing behaviour to be the only way to get any service out of one.

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