back to article MS NZ flogs digital health arm to locals

Upending the natural order, New Zealand software company Orion has acquired a suite of health products that had been marketed under the Amalga brand, for an undisclosed sum. Microsoft’s Hospital Information Systems, along with its PACs (Picture Archiving and Communication) and RIS (Radiology Information System) will now become …


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hmmm... healthcare

Isn't that the area that M$ stole the xml patented stuff from... not sure anything Microsoft sells you is certainly theirs... Caveat Emptor...


Big Brother

This smells of something rotten,...

why would m$ do this? IT companies in NZ squabble over any scrap of a contract / budget. Are m$ fielding another alternative? Or have they heard through back-channels about cut-backs and / or possible backlash about expensive IT systems?

Watch this space, there will be something in the next 12 months that will render this deal worthless. Either a new strategic alliance by NZ healthcare with another IT company, or a blowout in costs that will hit the new provider.

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