back to article Dropbox rival touts 50GB free cloud storage for iOS fans

Cloud storage provider has unveiled an unmissable offer for iOS-heads, giving users heaps of free storage - ten times the amount Apple chucks in for nowt with iCloud. Any punter with a free Box Personal account on an iOS device can opt in for 50GB of free storage to keep for eternity. Just remember to write the …


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Not quite 1GB file size limit

The file size limit is actually only 100MB. We do get 50GB of web storage with the free account under this deal, but the site explicitly states that the largest a file can be is 100MB. We're also limited to only 10GB of uploads and downloads a month.

While the ability to store 50GB of 100MB files in the cloud is very nice, to get the Dropbox type features, users will have to upgrade their account to the business account which is currently US$15 per month.

For that fee, you get the desktop clients, file syncing, 500GB of storage, 2GB file size limits, encryption, full text searching and Google Apps integration.


still nice, even with limitations

I can imagine they have to put some limit on these free accounts to avoid their bandwidth getting raped. I bet they'd like very much to avoid people storing their video libraries on their servers, even the ones re-encoded for cell phones...

I guess you just have to 7zip your larger files into chunks.

Its still nice if you take a lot of pictures and video footage while traveling, and can use them for backup and safekeeping. 100MB is like what, 8 minutes of 1080p footage? Should be workable, since doing longer takes than that is counter productive for most purposes.

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