back to article Telstra UK resellers' private nets go titsup

UK-based telco reseller Daisy Communications has been suffering teething problems with its acquired Telstra customer base and associated supply agreements with BT. Daisy acquired Telstra's fixed reseller agreements around a year ago. BT is currently phasing out private connectivity technology Framestream, which affects around …


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Screw Daisy and Telstra

After a ISP outage with Telstra (ISP core router) a couple of years back and awful service from our account manager I plumped in a Claranet leased line as a backup. Then got a letter out of the blue from Telstra saying we're now with "Daisy" for all support and admin services. And they are TRULY awful. No experience of enterprise customers at all.

Then 3 months later got a call from our Daisy account manager saying that FrameStream is off in 3 months so I need to migrate a fresh service from Daisy AND that Telstra are leaving the UK ISP business and therefore I'm going to lose all my public IP's.

After that I ordered a second leased line with Claranet and never looked back.

Wish Daisy and Telstra all the worst. Terrible customer service.

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