back to article Canonical enterprise chief jumps for Eucalyptus cloud

Ubuntu-steward Canonical has lost the executive heading up its enterprise business to cloud-floater Eucalyptus Systems. Paul Holt, Canonical's director of corporate services, has been named vice president of sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Eucalyptus. Holt replaced former Canonical executive Neil Levine on …


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Maybe Ubuntu has lost it's shine

Having made a name for itself over the last 6 years or so, I think that people are beginning to realise that the corporate-customer-pay-for-support model that Canonical have been trying to work towards is a difficult one to build a business on.

The move towards the shiny has not helped, having polarized their advocates into those who don't understand the need to change, and those who love it. The former category, IMHO, is the one most likely to suggest Ubuntu in the server space, so in many ways the dis-Unity spat is indirectly doing more damage to their corporate support model than anything else they have done.

I'm sure that some people will remind me that Gnome is still in the repository and can be installed, and that server releases are different from workstation ones, but those people are missing the point about the work necessary to run server type systems.

To survive, Canonical has to approach profitability at some point, because Mark Shuttleworth won't bankroll them forever. If they are losing some of their high up managers, it appears to me that this thought may be occurring within the company as well.

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