back to article Cornish villagers treated to 4G trial

The collaborative trial of 4G networking tech has kicked off in Cornwall, with the intention of providing internet access to 200 people around St Newlyn East, half of them mobile. It's the combination of fixed and mobile subscribers, using the same frequency, which makes the trials interesting. LTE is already deployed in half …


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I am puzzled...

"... something new in providing both fixed and mobile wireless over the same infrastructure."

Surely, a fixed subscriber is the same as a mobile subscriber, exept that they don't move?

In which case, they don't present any 'problems' with handover; so what is special about this?

(I've probably missed something and I'm sure it will be pointed out to me.)


I think the difference is that mobile subscribers will be using regular DSL connections for the backhaul, but it should latch onto any that are open to sharing. Like the FON network..

Course, I could be wrong too :P


I'm not sure how well the will test 4G-to-4G mast hand-over. With an area that small, it is unlikely that people will be using it in moving vehicles (unless the dongles drop back to 3.5G et al). More likely the punters will be using it in the pub/coffeeshop, park (when spring returns), etc.

Anonymous Coward

Having personally been to newly east

I can confirm that people wont be sat in coffee shops/pubs...

They will be at home, on a road or in a hedge...using their 4g network


Minor point, Bill - it's in the UK

In the UK, it's 'handover', not (US-FCC) 'handoff'. (ETSI vs ANSI, until 3GPP swallowed them up).

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