back to article Sony tempts Potter fans with free 3D BDs

Desperate to flog some 3D gear, Sony is to give away copies of the last to Harry Potter films - the Deathly Hallows pair - to entice punters to part with cash for one of its 3D BD players. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 3D 'I nose more about magic than you' Of course, unless the viewers also have 3D TVs, they'll …


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Anonymous Coward

A new low in El-Reg reporting...

"Desperate to flog some 3D gear...."

How much do you think it costs to make 3x Blu-Ray discs compared to the profit margin of a 3D telly?

Had Sony slashed the price by 7000% then perhaps your lame writing may have been justified, but as it is, it just looks like more lame El-Reg Sony hating....


Tell me... are things over in the Sony marketing department these days?

This is standard Reg reporting style, nothing new here and certainly not "a new low".

And as for the "Sony hate":

Fairly reasonable, I thought.

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