back to article Ofcom admits 4G auction will slip

Struggling to cope with responses to its consultation, Ofcom will refine its 4G auction proposals for the end of 2011, and seek feedback with a view to commencing in Q4 2012. The first proposals were published earlier this year, and generated huge amounts of feedback. Since then Ofcom has repeatedly claimed the process was on …


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"Not that the operators will complain; as long as no one else has 4G there's great incentive to push ahead quickly."

I think there should be a 'no' in front of the 'great' or that sentence doesn't make sense.


I don't understand why OFCOM is having such a hard time, just copy the Olympics.

Have every operator get a list of what's available and the price for each. Then each operator can request that spectrum, and cross their fingers that they can get it.

Oh, but don't worry if you're not successful you can bid on spectrum in the morse code range.

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