back to article ISPs must be honest to keep net neutrality alive, say watchdogs

Providing consumers with transparent information about the quality and restrictiveness of their internet service is "fundamental" if net neutrality it to be achieved, European telecoms regulators have said. The Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications (BEREC) said that national regulators must ensure that …


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Transparent like the mobile phone billing systems, you mean?

Or transparent like useful?

"Transparency" is a dangerous buzz-word being pushed by "the internet is my cable TV service" telecoms monopolists and monopoly-wannabes.

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simple fix

make it law that any ISP who is not net neutral (fiddles with traffic in any way) The directors become responsible for anything on the internet their users do, copyright, fraud, you name it.

See how quickly they all become net neutral

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When does "traffic shaping" become "traffic filtering"?

Something the current UK minister for the internet seem quite keen on (especially when he was looking to age limit *every* site on the internet. Something which seems to have gone rather quiet give the access that full tilt poker had to UK peoples bank account details for the purpose of "age verification").

They seem on the right track.

I wonder if anyone has done a Europe wide survey and asked consumers "Would you prefer a rock solid 1mbs or a sometime (possibly 5mins around 4am in the morning) 100mbs?"


since BT installed fibre

My Orange connection speed has halved

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