back to article Oracle tweaks MySQL with milestone update

While the news about NoSQL has garnered much attention, Oracle has quietly published a development milestone release (DMR) for MySQL. The MySQL 5.6.3 DMR includes a major revision of the software’s optimizer, which the company claims will make file-sort optimizations up to three times faster by searching more intelligently and …


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Anonymous Coward

MySQL help needed

Hi all,

my company is trying to persuade me that we can use MySQL the company critical work, whereas I'm trying to push them towards something grown-up. I can give them my (unimpressive) experiences of MySQL, and various bits from other places to try and discourage them including its dire track record, but can anyone point to serious flaws in the thing as it stands (I know there were disastrous bugs but they seem to have been fixed by now). I can make a pretty good case already, but I want something really damning.

Bear in mind that to them a database is just a database, whether at the Access or MSSQL, so that the one is effectively free and the other costs thousands that means that they'll go for the cheap one (although I'm getting there... I shall prevail...)

(NB Scalability is not an issue for us)

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