back to article Red Hat snatches storage Gluster file system for $136m

Commercial Linux distributor Red Hat is paying $136m to acquire Gluster, the privately held maker of the GlusterFS cluster file system that is used by some hot properties on the intertubes. Gluster is a spin-off from California Digital Corp, a supercomputer maker that was tapped by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to …


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Flustered Custer musters Gluster cluster, still dies at Big Horn.

No typos there.

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Hmmm, virtualised "SuperPolyserve".....

OK, so they said it works with KVM, but I'd really like it working inside VMware. Then I'd make a datacenter of say 1000 2-socket x64 servers each with six SATA disks, make VMs for general servers and convert 500-odd into Gluster nodes. No SAN, just 10GbE backbone and 1GbE NICs. Would be a nice, highly-redundant, superscale NAS with loads of throughput, and I could switch nodes between roles as necessary, converting a VM from a server node to a storage one or vice versa, as demand requires. Wonder if it does thin provisioning....

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