back to article Oracle to NetApp: 'I'm a faster, cheaper storage lover'

Oracle says it has scored an SPC-1 benchmark win over NetApp; its ZFS storage box delivers twice the SPC-1 speed of a NetApp array for less than half the cost. The ZFS 7420 recorded 137,066 SPC-1 IOPS at a cost of $2.99/IOPS. Oracle chose to contrast this with a NetApp 3270A result of 68,035 SPC-1 IOPS at a cost of $7.48/IOPS …


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Seems a little pointless to me. Are these figures even for sustained IOPS? read, write, mix? What is the cost per TB associated with the figures. I could create a SAN based entirely on RAM which would give very high IO figures and very low cost per IOPS but which has a cost per TB which would be offputting.

I'm not surprised NetApp have given up as there's very little to be gained from this without setting some standard design features at the very least.

Neither of them have a nice interface either, so whether it's quick or not the admin will be crying by the time his system is up and running!


There's another problem....

You have to buy these boxes from Oracle. Not that they're eeevil or anything but.....

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If you just wanted a box that could perform raw grunt then you wouldn't choose NetApp. But what if you wanted some data protection? Replication? Storage efficiency? Scale-out?

It all adds up when you have to stick other boxes and other bits of software all over the show.


Understanding how to read the SPC-1 submissions is important...

Hi all, Dimitris from NetApp here (

A few facts:

1. Like most other manufacturers, Oracle used RAID10 for the submission, and 2.5 times the number of drives NetApp used (and tons more cache and SSD etc etc but I digress).

2. The Oracle prices included a discount

3. NetApp always uses RAID-DP (protection equivalent to RAID6, meaning better than RAID10). Good space efficiency and best protection.

4. Apples-to-apples would be if Oracle used RAIDZ2 (similar protection to RAID6 and RAID-DP).

5. In the write-heavy SPC-1 benchmark (over 60% writes for the person that asked before), RAID6 behaves a LOT slower than RAID10. Which explains why most vendors don't choose to show those results.

6. The NetApp submission is a midrange controller - we have 3 (three) boxes progressively faster than the one in the SPC-1 submission... :)

But I admit, the headline is attention-grabbing.



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