back to article EC to vet Euro broadband performance

The European Commission is set to launch an investigation into broadband performance in a bid to bring greater transparency to the true speed and reliability of interweb services. The EC is looking for 10,000 volunteers, each of whom will all be sent a special router that will monitor the performance of their broadband when …


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"you can apply for your free router over on SamKnows"

Up to a point, Lord Copper!

SamKnows has been monitoring broadband performance for various ISPs for some time using a similar 'router' installed at a user's home. But its function (in the case of a cable line) is simply to be interposed between the cable modem and your original router, and the only functions you can use on the SamKnows router are its ethernet sockets. So if you want to volunteer for this project, don't think you are getting a free wireless router you can play with!

PS all this assumes that they haven't changed functionality from the original ISP-monitoring programme.

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I have signed up for this!

I have signed up for this, i know for a fact that the cable outside my street is made of paper and string so anything to let other people know about it.

Maybe it'll make Cytanet get their finger out... maybe?!

and yes... i promise not to reverse engineer it although its going to be difficult!!!


Aaah - the European Commission.

Last I heard they haven't even managed to publish their own accounts properly!? It's probably the member states (it's all their fault blah,bIah) but what do I know? I guess I should be glad they're sorting the internet for us - it's soooooo broken isn't it!


Eircom are in trouble.

Finally, I get to prove how crap Eircom really are.

Advertised Speed : 8MB

Actual Speed : 2MB on a good day with a stiff wind behind them.

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