back to article Ex-NASA man stuffs OpenStack with Paxos

One of the NASA brains behind the project that became OpenStack is taking the wraps off a start-up that promises an enterprise-grade cloud using open source. Josh McKenty today unveiled Piston Cloud Computing, a start-up that fuses Google-class algorithms with enterprise security and compliance policies to deliver what McKenty …


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getting there

Cloud Audit is a step in the right direction, though the real cost of monitoring is the back-end people to investigate.

They need to incorporate GPG13 and full protective monitoring, but security needs to include the full ISO27001 scope and the cloud architecture needs to support this.



a quick hats-off to Leslie Lamport

creator of paxos & quite a bit of other unsung mathematical & algorithmiccy stuff which is widely used but almost invisible.


Wish I had time to study his TLA stuff.

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