back to article Ellison rides SPARC T4 SuperCluster into data centers

Just putting out four new entry and midrange servers based on its new eight-core SPARC T4 processor is not sufficient to get SPARC/Solaris customers fired up about buying gear from and paying system maintenance to Oracle. Every CIO wants to know – in fact needs to know – that there is headroom in their systems in case their …


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  1. Allison Park

    Expensive...yes....unless you are Larry

    Here is our standard Oracle database load...and why we are not interested in Larry's scale out strategy. If and when we do RAC it is only 3 notes. We cannot afford to have four nodes with the performance of 3 and all the software costs.

    Look at this pricing SPARC T4-4 compute nodes = 4systems*4processors*8cores*.5 core factor table = 64 licenses required.

    Oracle EE $47,500

    Oracle RAC $23,000

    Oracle Dataguard $10,000

    Oracle Database Vault $23,000

    Oracle Advanced Security $11,500

    Oracle Advanced compression $11,500

    Oracle Partitioning $11,500

    Grand total is $10.7Million with only one year of support

    If you add in the software costs of those exadata servers and I think $10K per harddrive you will see this is insane and why Larry likes to only compare against the most expensive enterprise system from IBM with his 4 socket boxes.

    Thanks but we prefer the buy IBM Power and virtualize it as much as possible to avoid buying more Oracle software licenses.

    1. Triffids

      DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition on 4 socket power7 will cost 450*6*4*100 = $1,080,000.00

      now you can compare hardware costs ...

  2. Kebabbert

    @Allison Park

    "...why Larry likes to only compare against the most expensive enterprise system from IBM with his 4 socket boxes..."

    But if Oracle's offering is much faster than the biggest IBM P795, then there is not much of a point to compare to an entry level IBM server, is it? They both play in the same league. Better to compare them against each other then. It would be unfair to compare to a small server. If Oracle would do that, then you would scream about Oracle doing unfair comparisons! "How can Oracle compare against the smallest IBM POWER server? Of course Oracle wins! Oracle should compare to the biggest server to make it fair"

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