back to article Red Hat signs giants to anti-VMware open-source project

Red Hat is taking on VMware with five enterprise heavyweights through a vendor-neutral virtualisation community project based on its RHEV-M stack. Red Hat has been joined by Cisco, IBM, Intel, NetApp and SuSE to lead oVirt Project, planning on building a pluggable hypervisor management framework along with an ecosystem of plug …


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No mention of Citrix and/or Xen? I'd say that's another choice other than Redhat's KVM or Microsoft's Hyper-V, arguably a better one.


No Citrix or Xen

No, it is KVM only, because we KVM is architecturally better and faster than the alternatives.


One more alternative...

I may sound like a broken record here, but a cult favorite in the F/OSS community is ProxMox VE. They've got the whole stack together and it rocks.


ProxMox VE is good, but could be better

ProxMox VE is a reasonably good way to set up a single server hosting VMs, but it needs some work to make it easy to turn that into a multiple server cluster (which at least gives you live migration, needed for long term admin really). The Proxmox VE Cluster wiki pages are scary reading (but they do ultimate work if you're careful) - they seem to have "forgotten" to extend the ProxMox Web interface for converting two or more Proxmox VE standalone instances into an equivalent cluster.

Another defiency of ProxMox VE's Web admin is that some operations can only be done by hand-editing VM conf files in /etc/qemu-server - i.e. "modify" options are often missing from the Web interface.

Another Web "gotcha" is that the set of buttons to do something with a VM are missing obvious option, namely "Suspend" (and "Resume" when it's suspended). It seems crazy to me that a Web interface to manage VMs can't actually suspend any of them. Also be careful that some changes to VMs require a Shutdown and then a Start (Restart doesn't apply the changes) and the Proxmox VM Web interface doesn't warn you about that. Still, it's free and it generally works, so we shouldn't complain too much :-)

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