back to article Oracle's UK server bellyache continues

Oracle's UK server sales continued to slide downwards in the second quarter despite a recovery across the market that was exploited by most of its rivals. This is the fifth full quarter out of six that Larry's hardware division has seen its revenues sink in the UK since Oracle concluded the acquisition of Sun Microsystems at …


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Yes, that would be Itanium, still growing despite Larry's best efforts to FUD it to death. Surpised Dell were down, their x64 servers seemed pretty decent. Can't help wondering if the IBM growth was all cut-price IBM mainframes replacing that Fudgeitso mainframe drop. Not such bad news all round, really... oh, except for Larry and the Sunshiners!



Re: "EPIC"

LOL Matt. Funny to see you jumping on the first good news article that HP has seen for some time, but ignoring all of the reports of HP's spastic board and other problems.

If you read the article Dell was not down, but they did not rise very high either. HP had a decent increase in sales, especially with all of the bad news for Itanic and it's imminent demise. IBM is continuing to eat everyone's lunch, but I can't argue with you that it seems likely that Fujitsu's mainframe drop was helpful in this regard. As far as Oracle's Sun Servers... it makes sense to me. Europe has notoriously difficult regulatory hurdles. Outside of sales offices, I cannot figure out why any multinational would put any of their eggs in the EU. Sales in the US are doing relatively well, considering the highend shift. High End sales for Oracle actually increased (read SPARC), which is surprising considering that T4 was just announced and many customers are probably waiting for that -- even though that seems more of a midrange solution.

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RE: Re: "EPIC"

"....but ignoring all of the reports of HP's spastic board and other problems....." Ah, Bill, it seems your Sunshine Blinkers (TM) are still firmly in place, otherwise you would have noted my recent posts regarding the booting of Apothiker here (, here ( and here ( I'm assuming you missed my poking fun at the hp board as you were too busy retraining for some new, non-Slowaris skills?

".....If you read the article Dell was not down...." No, but there growth is very much down. I expected Dell to lead the x64 charge out of the recession with some quick pricing adjustments like they did back in 2004/5.

"....Europe has notoriously difficult regulatory hurdles...." Que? What regulatory hurdles stop ex-Sun shops buying new Snoreacle servers? None that I can see. It doesn't seem to be stopping them buying Itanium servers despite Larry's FUDfest. As excuses go, implying there is some regulatory hurdle keeping European buyers from buying just Snoreacle servers is a bit bizarre! The simple truth would seem to he that they prefer to buy IBM's or hp's (or Dell's).


re:re:re: "Epic"

Regarding the regulatory hurdles, I assumed you had read the article and would get the reference. Oracle is having difficulty actually onboarding their Sun subsidiaries in many euro countries... Because of said countries labor rules. As a result they are still run as separate entities from Oracle. I'm not sure how much this really affects sales, but it can't help. In other geographies they seem to be doing much better.

Glad to clear up your confusion Matt, but you really should read the article before commenting.


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RE: re:re:re: "Epic"

Sorry, Billl, that just doesn't wash. Regardless of whether those subsidiaries had been fully Borged or not, there is nothing stopping them selling servers. If you had the old-style "Slowaris-till-I-die" customers still buying SPARC, they'd be still buying from their resellers reagardless. The fact is a lot of those resellers seem to have decided that dealing with Snoreacle is just too painful and unrewarding, and they're selling other vendors' kit instead, and the customers seem to agree with them. Don't tell me, your next attempt will be something along the lines of "it's those Greek riots, they affect Snoreacle customers MORE than all other vendors...." Or maybe you have dreamt up some bizarre fantasy link between royal weddings and dips in Sun sales. Please share, if only for the comedy value!


There is only one way to sort this out!


Only joking!

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