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Flipboard has been around for a year or so now, and has garnered all sorts of awards along the way. However, it was updated recently and has just gained the tech industry’s ultimate accolade: that of being imitated by Google, which is reported to be developing a "Flipboard killer" under the codename ‘Propeller’. Flipboard iOS …


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  1. BarryB
    Thumb Up

    One of the killer iPad apps

    For media consumption this must be the best application I have used. I haven't found any other application that brings it all together and presents it as well on any other tablet platform I have owned (except Playbook no plans to buy one)


  2. Dan Price


    This looks like a great piece of software, but my fondleslab's a droid, not a fruit. Anyone know of an Android alternative?

  3. Eek

    feedly is probably the nearest competitor.

    Its my preferred choice because it uses google reader as its main data source and keeps that up to date so you can use it across you phone, ipad and multiple computers and it keeps a record of all the articles you've already read.

  4. Dan Price

    Feedly looks the business, thanks!

  5. ramblog

    Buy it from

    Seriously el reg?

    For a moment upon seeing the above said button, I jumped up and down in joy thinking that amazon has made a rebel iOS app store and so forth. I thought apple's deathgrip problem is now solved with this; while admiring amazon for its ballsy plan to produce an ipad beater and now this. Take that Apple!

    So I click on that button with such hope and what do I see?

    a bloody floral patterned teen frock. WTF.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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