back to article O2 tries to one-up the Apple store with SMB lounge

The O2 Workshop is a small-business drop-in centre, carved out of the company's Tottenham Court Road store, which hopes to provide an Apple-store environment only for suits. Just as Apple stores have become the place for trendy consumers to be seen hanging out, so O2 is providing somewhere for small companies who have given up …


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Anonymous Coward

Design values

They're certainly not going to better Apple on interior design - this looks like a right mish-mash of styles: Let's rip off some elements of the genius bar and throw in a selection of mismatching designer chairs from different periods for good measure.

Perhaps they think that habitual suit wearers don't care? (they may of course be right)


Of course we don't care

Why on earth should we care about the interior design of our meeting rooms. Enough plug sockets, table space and non-crippling chairs are the basic requirements, along with lighting that doesn't sear the eyeballs. Suits are entirely optional!

If you want to meet in a beautifully designed space, there is a suite at 1 Aldwych which fits the bill nicely. It has a mini conference room in a turret overlooking Waterloo bridge. This contains an octagonal table with eight high-backed chairs, more like a SPECTRE or Lord of the Rings meeting room, plus kitchenette, plus some I seem to recall. Not sure of the price per night (was upgraded to it), but say about £400. For a really posh client meeting and somewhere to sleep afterwards it's a winner!

Thumb Down


God, look at those chairs! If I had to sit in them for longer than an hour I'd be really uncomfortable. Not much better than the shite they have in schools these days.


I wondered....

.... where my stolen garden furniture was going to end up

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