back to article Nikon sticks it to Sony Nex with serious snappers

Nikon has revealed its answer to Sony's Nex and other competitors' system camera ranges, with a couple of its own interchangeable-lens mirrorless compacts. Nikon J1 First off is the 10.1Mp Nikon J1, which packs a 3in LCD display, HDMI out and built-in flash. Along with 1080p video recording, it boasts features such as 10fps …


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Anonymous Coward

Good grief

" The camera then automatically records the best image based on movement and composition" -- yeah, like the camera knows what I want.

The gushing press release gives some clues as to the target audience for this lifestyle fashion-cam. Namely, the sort of person who writes press releases like that one.

After claiming they've changed the world, completely ignoring the fact that Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax, Sony and Samsung already got there first, they go on with this load of guff:

"...The iconic new Nikon 1 system is designed to become one with the user and their lifestyle, providing a unique form of expression with amazing image quality, speed and portability..."

"...The fully electronic lens system enables the camera to keep pace with an active lifestyle..."

"...a device that lives in perfect accord with any lifestyle..."

"... complemented by fashionable, premium accessories tailored to perfectly fit a user's lifestyle..."

Good grief.

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