back to article Greenplum appliances swing both ways

The Greenplum data analytics unit of disk storage giant EMC is tweaking its Data Center Appliances, not only offering a more modular architecture and pricing scheme that lets companies start small and grow their analytics, but also allowing for the mixing of the Greenplum parallel database with Hadoop nodes within the same …


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At least one El Reg reader is interested in Greenplum...

..."last all the nodes together"...I suspect you mean "lash". We used GigE on our demo system. Not sure how much lashing was involved.

..."extract/test/load (ETL)"...try extract/transform/load, but you knew that ;-)



I have heard that Greenplum use ZFS, because Greenplum has such a high performance that they move very many bits. Statistically, you face data corruption every 15 minutes at those high speeds. That is the reason they use ZFS, because ZFS protects against bit rot and data corruption.

Can anyone confirm?

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