back to article Newsnight presenter pwned by snarky hack

Nothing like hacking the official profile of a BBC presenter and filling it with snide comments about how he's crap at maths, for a quick laugh. Well, we assume it's a laugh that has motivated the bitter rewrite of the Newsnight Scotland presenter Gordon Brewer's BBC profile. See the screen grab below. Gordon Brewer's BBC …


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  1. Gav


    Reads like it was written by Brewer himself. I guess many people don't understand the self-deprecating humour involved.

  2. Thomas 4

    I'm guessing

    ....that this is why the El Reg hacks don't have bio pages, because it would just turn into an endless war to see who could write the most inflammatory and snarky page.

    Would make for great entertainment though.....

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "The presenter bios tend to be..."

    Gordon Brewer has a bios?! Is this part of the BBC initiation process to ensure they all sing from the hymn sheet?

    I wouldn't mind pressing that Kate Silverton's F2 button and tinkering with her hardware interface, fnar fnar.

  4. Callum
    Thumb Down

    Mr Brewer is a well known unionist in Scotland and unashamedly pushes the union agenda quite hard in newsnight scotland (the programme after the main Newsnight, in scotland) to the point that at the last election he was beginning to sound like the Iraqi Information minister, "So, it's a bad night for the SNP then?" (whilst the SNP were winning seats hand over fist).

    1. serviceWithASmile

      i remember that

      it really perplexed me at the time, and bugged me afterwards for weeks. nobody seemed to pick up on it when this guy (dont know if anyone else was perpetuating the pish) was trying (and failing, as it turned out) to tell everybody that the SNP was doing terribly. poor man must have been in denial, there really isn't much that publicly undermining how popular the SNP would do *AFTER* the votes had been cast.... muppet.

    2. Anonymous Coward 101

      Everything the BBC do is seen is viewed as biased for whatever reason. To the right, they are biased to the left. To the left, they are viewed as biased to the right. To Scottish nationalists, they are viewed as inherently Unionist. To Rangers fans, they are Celtic through and through, and vice versa. Every utterance is seen as furthering their evil agenda, whatever it is. Spend any time on an internet chat forum with a singular purpose and the bias of the BBC is self-evident - indeed they are part of the 'plot' against whatever cause the chat forum is for!

      This does not mean that sometimes the BBC gets it wrong, but I am now automatically sceptical whenever somebody suggests the BBC are always biased.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        And the worst of the lot is Robert Peston - he is the singular reason for the financial crash, as it was he who kicked of the speculation and pushed the hype to stratospheric levels.

        His speculation instantly became self fulfilling when everyone started queuing outside Northern Rock.

        Sometimes the BBC (and Peston in particular) just need to keep their trap shut.

  5. Craig McGill 1

    It's legit

    Turns out that it is legit - BBC Scotland has stated as such on Twitter - and the page has been like this since Feb 2010.

  6. Dinky Carter

    Definitely not an annoyed Japanese person

    In my experience, the Japanese are absolutely delighted when foreigners fail to pick up their language, which they proudly consider to be the world's most difficult. Actually, it's not so bad to speak (no plurals, no genders, only two tenses etc) but a nightmare to read and write.

    1. Ceiling Cat


      No Genders?

      So when anime characters deride each other for using "boku wa" instead of "watashi wa", it's not REALLY about the gender of the person saying it? Perhapse I need to read manga/watch anime that's less dodgily translated.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Not genders as such

        More a case of words considered appropriate. In polite usage, it's OK for a man to use watashi.

      2. pdebarra

        I think the point was that Japanese does not divide nouns into feminine/masculine/neuter, as European languages tend to do. It was not to say that men and women speak alike.

  7. armyknife

    The Guy Has A Sense Of Humour

    It's as if the profile was written by someone with a self-deprecating sense of humour. :gasp:

  8. thechevron

    He's scottish and this is generally how we talk, I'd say he wrote it himself.

  9. Spleen

    Clearly self-penned. "Usual sodding luck" right at the end gives the game away.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Why on his actual profile page does it look like he has lipstick on? another secret Gordon?

  11. Duncan Hothersall

    Been like that for ages. The Twitter storm was just cos someone noticed and thought it was funny.

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