back to article Seagate adding flash embulgement to Thins

Seagate is thinking of fattening up its single platter Momentus Thin drive with flash, making a Hybrid Thin. Momentus drives are 2-platter 2.5-inch drives for notebook computers and the like. They spin at 5,400 or 7,200rpm and store up to 750GB of data. The Momentus XT is one of these with 500GB capacity plus a 4GB fillip of …


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Known problems with Momentus XT

Despite the hype some people have serious problems with these drives, just check out the Seagate forum where they've started a Google spreadsheet for customers to record their problems. e.g. loud noises and system freezing. My Windows 7 desktop locks up randomly because the drive is choking for some reason. I bought 4 of the damn drives 3 months ago thinking I was making a money saving trade-off to get extra capacity than a real SSD but is still faster than a normal mechanical drive (for booting or loading favourite apps).

I've now bought a 120GB SSD to replace the Momentus boot drive and my desktop is working properly now - and soooooo much faster. I was not at all impressed with the performance of the Momentus. In my personal experience the real world performance of this hyprid is hype. I realise a lot of people are very happy with theirs but the firmware is still buggy for those who get unlucky.


Remember when

Some time ago manufacturers of cars in the US thought "Gee, if it only last 3 years" they will just buy a new one.

This resulted in Japan taking quite a hefty chunk of the market.

SSD's are in the same category. There stamina for longevity is a bit scary to be in between the platter and the CPU.

If drive manufacturers are agree to put the electronics in so that:

A. SSD chips are replaceable.

B. When SSD fails, it returns to normal Hard Drive mode

I'd be a lot happier.

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