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When HP announced it was exploring options for its PC business, the company said it'd move into the more profitable arena of enterprise solutions. From a speech given at HP's yearly Security conference yesterday, the titan is eyeing up cloud security as a big growth area. Policing the cloud and monitoring employee mobiles are …


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Paris Hilton


So are they keeping thin clients and getting rid of stand alone machines? They could control that more and offer security solutions inbuilt into its thin client hardware.

Paris because I probably could have looked at the last article or google to get my answer.

Anonymous Coward

Beware the Ides of HP

With them not offshoring the DWP Posts they have to find something useful for all those highly trained and motivated IT Experts in India don't they?

This is also a bit of 'Cloud? Hmmm Nice. Can I have some sirrus for me too pretty please'. With every man and his two legged dog jumping into this fantasy cloud, I predict a good many will come a crashing down to earth in no time flat.

It is just as bad as offshoring your whole IT systems inc the physical hardware to some far fling land where cour company data will be ripe for harvesting and sold onto those shady characters who hang around the back entrance for Bangalore Railway station.

anon coz my company is doing just this. Now where's the job centre?

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Only a Crazy Question but Easily AIReality ...... and a Pleasure to Serve and Server

"..and "HP Research Reveals 56 Percent Rise in Cost of Cybercrime".

Looks like that's where they see the money."

Yes, no Cybercrime no HP Research, which is a heady attraction for poor sub-prime experts at complex future analysis ... and likely most successful outstanding trends.

Cybercrime/HP Research/Chicken/Egg?

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