back to article Enterprise computing imperiled by cloudy mobes

Enterprise computing practices are under attack by a rapidly advancing army of cloud-hungry mobile devices. "Applications don't live in one place anymore," is how SAP's head of product architecture and technology strategy Sethu Meenakshisundaram summed up this conflict at a software-centric Intel pow-wow on Thursday morning. …


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Anonymous Coward


Its a nightmare waiting to happen. Lots of companies outsource everything so there is no BOFH to tell them it looks pretty but its open to exploitation. Have the same thing at my current place of work. Even the so-called IT professionals are just people who got into the job via some poxy certificate and dont know anything about enterprise. and SAP monkeys just parse data, I even had one tell me he didnt know what parse meant. 1 rogue app and you could easily bring the entire infrastructure crashing down.

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