back to article CeniTex contracts lead to police questions

The Victorian government’s IT strategy seems to be unraveling, with revalations emerging that its flagship whole-of-government agency CeniTex awarded a hosting contract to a company controlled by staff of the organization. CeniTex first received unwanted attention in 2009, when details emerged of extremely lavish payments to …


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Corruption in australia? Ludicrous!

Anyone who thinks otherwise can vote against our current scape goat, err premier.

We have procedures in place to ensure that only the best applicants of my family get the good positions. In the past whenever there has been investigations, they have always pointed the blame at someone we don't like, and this time will be no different.

If you doubt the how competitive our services are. Competition provided by my brother and I ensure the best deal for all, its the same in any Australian industry.

So please move along in an orderly fashion.

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