back to article Orange juggles broadband price plans

Orange has tweaked its set of broadband packages, claiming the move makes it the cheapest ISP in the UK. Maybe, but only if you're also an Orange mobile phone customer, which qualifies you for a £5 discount. That takes the price of the three packages to £5, £10 and £12.75, respectively. All of them incorporate "unlimited" …


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Anonymous Coward

Total cobblers

£5, £10? Since you have to pay the line rental whether you like it or not, they're not really £5 or £10 at all are they, even if you're an Orange customer. The so-called regulator shouldn't be allowing them to advertise such mendacious bollocks in the first place, but as we're unlikely to get a regulator worthy of the name anytime before the 22nd century, it would be nice if journo's could do the sums and tell it how it is rather than viewing company press releases as being likely to contain elements of fact.

At least in days of yore they used to give you a fat lunch and respectable quantities of booze before trying to persuade you to editorially polish their particular brand of turd. Somehow an emailed PDF isn't enough of an inducement.

Can we have a "lynx-scented PR robot" icon please?

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