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Modern data centres are pools of shared resources and segmenting the data in them has become a requirement as much for regulatory as for security reasons. It is no longer enough simply to provide access and expect individual users to take care of security themselves. Relying on file system permissions or even virtual …


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Technically good but from a cost standpoint another matter

I thought this was a good technical marketing speak, that is to state the obvious technical merrits but lacks a resolution to the problems that Data Centers have to deal with such as cost. Data Centers are coin operated and current solution offerings are way to expensive to implement into a Data Center or the Cloud as a one to one model, it has to scale to a one to many offering. This is and will continue to be a big issue for Data Centers until security vendors change to a licensing model that allows for a data center to 1) be able to resell the services to it's customers at a much lower cost average. Current per seat cost is about $60.00 for encryption. 2) Change to a Data Center Specific type of a license to be able to sell this to a Data Center under a subscription service offering. These two simple steps creates a long term committment for both the customer and vendor, it also creates a long term re-occuring revenue stream and stream lines sales to leverage the Data Center sales team who already owns the relationship and as a Subscription license agreement it creates a capital expense for the data center ie they get to right the entire thing off at the end of the year. Security for Data Centers is not the problem it's the cost vendors are wanting to charge them under an old way of doing things when Cloud computing was not available.


Erm, you mean customer lock-in ?

Sorry for my verbosity.

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