back to article AT&T merger with T-mobile countdown restarted

The FCC has restarted the review process looking at the impact of AT&T's merger with T-Mobile USA, which should now complete in early December if nothing else goes wrong. The review was started in April, and was supposed to take 180 days, but the FCC halted the countdown on day 83 to provide AT&T with more time to submit its …


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Satan's E-Mail is Insecure

So, wait, what about those e-mails leaked by AT&T's legal department that completely destroy the entirety of AT&T's argument? Most importantly, the e-mails show to be false AT&T's claims that the only way to grow their network is through the purchase of T-Mobile.

How is this merger even still up for review? Is the illusion of a government for the people even a tenant the corrupt seek to uphold or have they realized that Joe Consumer doesn't give a shit anymore so long as he can buy a new iPhone every couple of years?

Oh, right, sorry, that's exactly what it is. They're rich and corrupt and we're lazy and complacent.

Carry on.



"The arguments in favour talk about efficiencies of scale leading to cheaper and better services..."

Let's take these two claims and examine them, eh?

1. [Efficiencies of scale] - These two companies compete for the same market share and have fully redundant operations. On face value, it appears that this claim works, if the majority of one carriers staff gets sacked and the remainder work harder for the same money. However, in this economy, approving the sacking of the majority of T-Mobile (you didn't think that AT&T was the redundant player in this equation did you?) employees appears badly short sighted (I suspect that is the reason for the delay -- can't have massive layoffs during an election year). So call this one TRUE, but also A BAD DEAL for everyone but the top brass and investors.

2. [Cheaper and Better services] - okay, 2 ways to look at this. Historically, reduction in competition always leads to higher prices and less innovation. So historically, this is not true.

If either of these companies currently had plans or was able to offer cheaper and better services, they would do so in a heart beat to gain market share and reap the benefits. So, logically, this is not true. I would also stipulate that in this modern era, anything that reduces costs is absorbed by bonuses and investor payouts, never to be seen by consumers (seriously, when did the North American consumer in Telecommunications last see a true rate cut?)

I also think the spectrum acquisition for improved service has been hung, drawn and quartered.

If the FCC votes to allow this, the public will once again be taking our turn in the Pillory of Greed. I can almost feel the campaign contributions flowing as we speak.


Dear US users....

Bend over...

You will see this go through around Xmas... so most news places won't report much on it, because everyone is off, having xmas parties.

Gimp icon, because that's what US consumers are about to become.

At least you have the rest of the year to stock up on lube.


The truth is

T-Mobile USA will go the way of SNET, Ameritech, and other companies in being swallowed by AT&T. In all cases, customer service dropped. In the case of the Ameritech buyout, the five Midwestern states that were served by Ameritech sued AT&T for people going, IIRC, over a month without service after the promised date. This includes businesses (not good for business, obviously) and individuals at a time when cell phones were less common and did not have 911 service. AT&T, in court and in the press, blamed the Midwesterners for expecting good customer service. What, like keeping you to your promised dates?

A pox on AT&T and all their money-grubbing ivy-league-monkeys. Even Texans can't stand them.

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The DOJ says

No. The DOJ is now suing to stop it ,

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Feignin due dilligence

It's simply one of the many stops on the rubber stamp of good faith train. The government's going to come in, put on their dog and pony show to appease John Q Idiot, then give the deal its seal of approval.

That's how these things work. Expect the merger to pass through within a year or less.

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