back to article Samsung to show Galaxy Tab revamp next week

Samsung will be unveiling the next incarnation of its 7in Galaxy Tab fondleslab at the IFA show next week. So reveals a teaser app for the European consumer electronics shindig. The app, posted by Samsung to the Android Market, contains images - unearthed by website ThisIsMyNext - which refer to the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and …


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Bets on it looking almost exactly like an iPad that's been in the hot wash?


Have Apple taken an injunction out yet?

Hope the new model is more reliable than the last one. Having gone from iOS to a 7" Galaxy Tab I was left bewildered by all the rough edges. If Apple did a 7" iPad I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

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More consumer choice

A 7.7"? Wow, Samsung really are gearing up their consumer offering and now consumers will have a more to choose from. Sry Apple, I guess a lot of people just don't want your 'one iTunes fits all'.


Fauly conclusion

Apple have /sold/ 30 million iPads, Samsung have /shipped/ (i.e. may not have sold that many) 2 million Tabs.

Samsung gearing up their offerings: Yes.

Consumers have more to chose from: Yes.

A lot of people don't want iPad: Only proven if you are the chairman of Acer.

Even if Samsung have sold all 2m Tabs, that's still an order of magnitude fewer than Apple have shifted, I would agreed that 2m people is "a lot", but not relative to the ~40m that make up the whole market as it stands.


*Why* are people buying the iPad eight times out of ten? You can't categorise all of those people as "sheeple" or "iDiots" - because if you do, what does /that/ say about all the other manufacturers failure to sell to them.

If you can't sell to idiots, who can you sell to?

Come on people, we need some proper ideas instead of the name-calling we've fallen into. No-one cares why you don't want an Apple product, they need to know why other people *do* and it better be a proper reason.

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