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A very long time ago, graphics guru Kai Krause - a name sure to make any Mac user over a certain ago go all misty eyed and nostalgic - created an app - or 'program', as we called them then - named Goo. It allowed you to morph and distort photos in various, vaguely amusing ways. It was primarily just a bit of fun, but Goo did …


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Given that Goo worked on a 60MHz Pentium with an SVGA card, having this work on a 600MHz+ ARM with a dedicated GPU isn't really that impressive.

Still, congratulations on finding a photo manipulation app for iOS! What I'd like next is some kind of 2D scrolling game with angry animals of some kind in it.


Kai krause

Now there was a man who couldn't see the wood for the trees... and insisted on making sure his users could'nt either.

If there was a 'crimes against the User Interface' panel at the Hague, he'd be top of the Wanted list.

Kai PowerGoo, Power Tools, Bryce, early Fractal Painter, etc.

Stunning pieces of software totally and absolutely ruined by his UIs from Hell.

- 100 stupid little icons you had to guess how to use or what they did.

- UIs which when maximised continued to have a pane in the middle that was 640x480.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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