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It is more than three years ago that El Reg announced the approval of “customized top-level domains”, following two years of policy debate. “ICANN estimates it will begin taking applications in April or May of next year,” we reported. ICANN was a little off in its estimates. It took until June this year – more than two years …


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One stupid question about the whole mess...

I'm assuming that .local is going to be off limits, much in the same manner that the 'martin' IP blocks are currently?

There's... a *lot* of companies that use .local to designate their internal network, and this could break a lot of networks.

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Re: One stupid question about the whole mess...

See for yourself:

I don't know where the index has gone so skip to if you can't be arsed to read it.

I'm sure I read somewhere that .config was on the reserved list but it's not on that one...


I Don't Get It I Guess...

Why all the bubbub? Sure there are technical issues that I don't understand, but that's what tech pros get paid to sort out - so no big deal there.

It seems to me that the marketing industry has the most work cut out for it. They're afraid they're going to lose the 'easy' ability to market to the ENTIRE WORLD!!! using the .com domain. The reality of the situation was never that way though - they never did effectively market to the entire world. They marketed to a few select language groups and now that there may be more of those groups (native language domains) they'll have to pay attention to these "new markets" as well. Big brands are already recongnized across language barriers but there aren't too many of brands that scale. The big money in marketing is selling to medium and small businesses and one of the big marketing sales is "sell to the whole world with our .com campaign strategy".

It seems like an opportunity to me. More refined sales options to clients. But like I said. I guess I don't get it.

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