back to article UK sales rankings: HP, Dell up, Acer down, Apple at No. 4

Acer has been knocked further down the rankings of the shrinking UK PC market as it continued to juggle efforts to clear inventory overload with sluggish consumer demand. Sales into the channel fell 15 per cent in Q2 to 2.5 million units, Gartner beancounters have found, but Acer – hit more acutely by the market downturn – saw …


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Dover tea party?

"..pushing new shipments into the channel.",

which fixes the disposal side, but is bad for the sole.

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HP pricing....

Why are hp selling shedloads of PCs even after the downturn, yet can't shift the Touchpads? Simples! Because the PCs come with POPULAR operating systems with lots of applications support, and they are PRICED correctly. The Touchpad comes with a great OS that is only known to a few fans, few apps, and is priced far too highly (tellingly, it is possible to find decent hp desktops on the Web for less than the retail price of an Ouchpad). I find it hard to understand how hp can do it so well in the PC segment and then stuff it up so grandly in the tablet market.

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