back to article Piles of unshiftable HP fondle-slabs choke Best Buy

Crates of HP fondleslabs are mounting up stateside at Best Buy as it emerged the retailer has shifted less than one-tenth of its 270,000 strong unit order. Evidence is mounting that HP's shiny slate, dubbed the OuchPad in the US, is failing to capture the attention of shoppers on both sides of the Atlantic, as indicated by …


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  1. Danny 14 Silver badge
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    not really surprising

    it is pretty crap and any business is going to shun the compulsory login for mass rollouts. Plus lack of anything decent on the app front means it is going to be a lemon.

    1. Goat Jam


      It's hard to believe that with the enormous pay packets HP's exec's undoubtedly enjoy that they could get the basics of supply and demand so monumentally wrong.

      When they announced the touchpad at the same price as the ipad it should have been obvious to even the most dimmest ivy league business graduate that there would be little demand for the product.

      But no, they go and build millions of the things (to get cheaper unit costs obviously) only to be left with a mountain of unsold touchpads that are no doubt bound for the discount bins real soon now.

      Epic FAIL

      1. tmTM


        An expensive lesson to learn that HP is not Apple.

        in hindsight should have walked outside and looked at the name on the building to figure that one out.

    2. Anton Ivanov

      Release an Ubuntu for it and I will buy one

      Release an Ubuntu or Debian for it and I will buy it (at the reduced price of course).

      WebOS? Android? iOS?

      No thanks - I still write some code from time to time and like to be able to do it and test it right away.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    How many apps are there on WebOS ?

    In the US, how does the price compare with the iPAD now it's been discounted ?

    There has to be a reason people aren't tempted to buy something completely different.

    1. peter 45


      Reason 1. It doesn't have/do anything better than the competition.

      Reason 2. The apps available are minimal compared to the competition

      Reason 3. It is not any cheaper than the competition. (not to the point of overcoming reason 1 and 2)

      In summary. It is not value for money.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Surprise surprise...

    .. people don't want a tablet, they want an iPad.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      What people want

      Or more accurately

      Apple cultists want an iPad

      Everyone else sees that there is no point in a tablet computer

    2. Paul RND*1000
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      No, they want a tablet *which works*. The iPad happens to be one of very few which meet that requirement just now. HP's effort, not so much.

      1. Giles Jones Gold badge


        Which is why Apple only sold 14.8 million of them last year.

        Put that into perspective, the XBox 360 has sold about 55 million consoles to date and it has been available for over 6 years now.

    3. N13L5

      not buying till its user's choice what OS to install on tablets.

      All tablets right now are a game for suckers. On all my computers, I can install any OS I want. Dual boot, triple boot, whatever I want, I can do, I OWN the device.

      With tablets, the jerks that made them, seem to continue to own them after you pay for them.

      So no, I don't want an iCrap, or any other overpriced, unproductive jail cell.

      Gadgets are becoming increasingly totalitarian, which leaves you wondering that our governments must be close behind. These are scary times.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Not just gadgets ...

        The whole computing arena has become increasingly totalitarian -- ever since computers became ubiquitous to the masses.

      2. SisterClamp

        You know that Archos...

        ...have just opened up their system? I'm waiting for an Angstrom Linux image to load on mine. Six months, I read somewhere. I've set the alarm.

  4. Colin Hillier
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    Does it work?

    I picked one up in Car phone Warehouse the other day and I have to say it seemed like a nice tablet, on a par with iPad 1.

    However it just didn't really work properly. Applications took an age to load and the thing would grind to a halt once a few apps were open. To boot, a few web pages I tried just gave the 'your browser is not supported' error...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      "...on a par with iPad 1.

      However it just didn't really work properly. Applications took an age to load and the thing would grind to a halt once a few apps were open. To boot, a few web pages I tried just gave the 'your browser is not supported' error..."

      All of which puts it on a par with the iPad 1 how, exactly?

      1. LaeMing Silver badge

        I assume op meant

        It /looked/ on par with iPad - untll they tried to use it in the real world.

  5. Gerrit Hoekstra

    So, ya wanna compete with the Jobsian Cult?

    The Gospel according to St Steve of the Jobsian Cult explicitly teaches its sheeple in the First Commandment that thou shalt not purchase from the unclean, clovenhooved, non-Apple vendors, lest ye be cast into purgatory and end up with something that does not integrate with other Apple devices. And lo, it is also written that only Apple devices shall interface and 'know' each other through non-standard connectors and modified protocols sanctified by the holiest in Cupertino, lest the devices be tainted by the technologies of the heathens and ye be cast into further iniquity.

    If HP seriously wants to tempt sheeple from eating from the Jobsian forbidden tree, then it should drop to a £199 price point.

    1. Tom 38 Silver badge


      I think the original idea was to make some money, so selling at £300 under cost may be a bit of a poor business move. They'll get there when they are truly unshiftable though.

      I think the primary problem for these vendors is that Apple now have a good reputation for producing simple to use devices. I'm not saying that other devices are hard to use, just that a user deciding between an ipad and any other tablet will know that the Apple device will work, and be easy to use, which is a boon when deciding to spend £500+ on a toy.

      1. Ammaross Danan


        "will know that the Apple device will work, and be easy to use"

        I think the biggest thing Apple has going for them is the iPod. A lot of people has/had one. They're used to being forced to use iTunes to manage their device. They like the idea of their iPad having the same interface, being able to use the same apps, etc. Everyone thinks "iPad" when they think of a tablet now, simply because it's "the thing to have." I've talked to a lot of people that want to use a tablet for everything an iPad CANT do (very well at least...), but they still want the iPad because they think it will do it "best." They won't even hear alternatives. It's quite sad trying to give someone purified tap water as opposed to the bottled water at the store... "It's just not my <insert brand here>"

      2. Stoneshop Silver badge

        @Tom 38

        "I think the original idea was to make some money,"

        Two words: printer ink.

    2. R 11

      Non standard protocols?

      One thing I'd say about iOS is that its protocol support in some areas is great.

      If you use the free zimbra server for groupware, your iPod, iPhones and iPads can sync mail using IMAP, calendars using CalDav and contacts using CardDav.

      That's mobile groupware with no licensing costs. Quite a boon for small businesses and non-profits.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I would have thought

      competing with Cupertino would require raising the price to get the 'you get what you pay for' sfb crowd.

    4. Franklin

      A title is required

      There is one thing you can always count on from the Apple haterz: If some product that competes with Apple fails, it's because Apple users are all mindless sheep. It's not because the competing product is poorly designed, or there are no apps for it, or it crashes frequently, or it's slower than the product it competes with; the only possible explanation is that Apple users are sheep.

      I've looked at the HP tablet. It's rubbish. I wouldn't buy one if they dropped the price to $99...and I say this as a person who does *not* own an iPad, and who got rid of my iPhone in favor of an HTC Sensation Android phone.

  6. spencer

    Cut the price then.

    You can't move something at that spec for £429 that isn't an Ipad.

    The Playstation 3 cost less than that at lunch....

    1. Anonymous Coward

      at lunch ?

      what about dinner ?

      1. LaeMing Silver badge

        Re: what about dinner?

        I am flattered, but I don't think you are my type.

  7. Christopher Rogers
    Thumb Down


    WebOS could have been soo good.

    1. ThomH Silver badge

      Hopefully this isn't the end

      Though I may be investing a little more hope than is realistic. It'd be interesting to read a postmortem if HP do either kill it or restrict it to being the fast boot option on laptops, a use I think they've hinted at before. I'm aware of negative stories about build quality, the iTunes syncing spat (which made both parties look bad in my opinion) and performance, but there's got to be more to the ongoing failure to find traction than those factors alone.

  8. tuna 1

    Oh My, Yes

    Couldn't have happened to two more deserving outfits. Rarely in nature do you see the equalizing force of comeuppance so vividly.

  9. Marky W

    What's that noise?

    Oh, it's the sound of Steve Jobs' maniacal laughter.

  10. Number6

    Target Price

    Drop it to £100 and make sure I can run Linux on it and I'd be more likely to buy one.

    1. BRYN

      Re Number6

      Yup i'd 2nd that

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      RE: Target Price

      "Drop it to £100 and make sure I can run Linux on it and I'd be more likely to buy one."

      well, WebOS is linux ....

      1. The Fuzzy Wotnot


        Proper Linux, not some locked down pretend version of Linux!

      2. Anonymous Coward


        Why on earth would you want to install Linux on it?

        When are the penguinista going to realise that regular uses don't care about OSs? And it's not because they're dumb or sheeple - it's because they just want a device that does the job. In the case of fondle-slabs that means something that can consume online media, maybe play the odd game install a few Apps etc..

        I'm not saying you can't do those things with Linux - no doubt you can if you're prepared to dedicate your life to trawling forums to get just the right combination of versions you need to get the thing to work. Most people have better ways of spending their time...

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Thumb Up

          Because ... we can ...

          Its an engineering challenge and fun.

          I recall they asked George Mallory a similar question about Everest.

    3. Tom Sparrow


      WebOS is linux.

      Unless they've changed it since my Pixi, proper linux too - terminal access via USB cable with novacom or directly with a small app install.

      I don't think it would be too hard, by phone/tablet standards (though way above most people) to install your own distro on there. Be nice to to see it running meego...

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I Don't know what the architecture is ...

      But if it happens to be x86 and bootable from an external device I bet you could hackintosh it as well. You could even have it dual boot from OS X or Linux. Just to prove a point.

      This never fails to piss off the fanbois.

  11. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. Mike Moyle Silver badge


      ...more a case of, "If you build it, they will laugh," I think.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Typing this on my iPad

    I know why the HP tablet isnt selling very well - it's crap

    1. Cameron Colley

      Typing this on my iPad.

      This is annoyng too -- no way I would have payed the asking price for this locked-down, dumbed-down phone without a phone.

      The browser belongs in an iPaq, the lack of flash belongs to an old WinCE device and the complete lack of a way to transer files to and from the device belongs to a '90s mobile phone.

      1. Robert Hill

        Transfer files?

        There are plenty of ways to transfer files to/from an iDevice - iFunbox is my personal fave at the moment. Needs a cable, not wireless, but can access the raw file space on an iPhone or iPad.

        This stuff isn't hard, and believe it or not there actually are Apple hackers that can write stuff too...

  13. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge


    Over here the HP is reduced to $399 on Best Buy's website for the base 16Gb wifi

    They are charging $519 for the 16Gb wifi iPad2

    But you can buy a refurb 16Gb wifi Ipad1 from the apple store for $350

  14. Anonymous Coward


    They need to lay off a few tens of thousands of workers. That will instantly fix the problem.

    1. Tom 35 Silver badge

      Don't forget

      The big bonus for the top exec.

    2. Marvin the Martian
      Thumb Up

      Further step

      ... and pay the employees' severance fee in TouchPads (bought back at discount from Best Buy), solving TWO problems at once.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Is this Marvin the Martian? Please hold...

        Hey Marv! No no it's not Dubya, it's Mark Hurd here. You got what it takes buddy, and I want you on board. Take this plastic lapel badge and wear it with pride!

  15. Valerion


    Are there any statistics on how many of these were looted compared to iPads in the riots?

    1. Gareth Gouldstone

      How do you think the police caught them?

      They brought them back for a refund ...


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