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Though Google is loath to open source the foundations of its massive online infrastructure, it does share code for tools at the edge of its network, tools designed to accelerate the actual delivery of web stuff. Mountain View doesn't want Facebook rebuilding the Googlenet. But it is intent on accelerating the web as a whole. …


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There was a very good discussion on slashdot (<>, see in particular this thread <>, by people who knew what they were talking about, and SPDY did not come off well.

If it is a push protocol, how will it affect my local copy of squid, or indeed any HTTP caching service?

If it is to reserve bandwidth, what takes up the largest amount of bandwidth on an average web page? (perhaps flash adverts?).

How does pushing content affect my ability to control the content I see? because I don't want to have adverts unblockably pushed on me, which I suspect is the point (please note that in my current blocking of the majority of adverts, I actually free up bandwidth for other users, so this is a good thing, no?)

Why doesn't it, as the above slashdot thread asked and failed to get a reply, try to fix HTTP's supposed problems (pipelining was one named by a google tech) rather than work around them?

Failing that, why not use existing technology for multiplexing (which is supposed to one of the core features of SPDY) like BEEP?

Just out of interest, did you contact to the IETF to try and work with them?

Or other browser makers?

In summary what is the business case for SPDY, what is the technical case for SPDY?




But you fail to understand that Google does not evil. So SPDY is good.

And oh look... the oompa loompas are going to dance for you now to take your mind of such evil thoughts..


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Google failed to respond to a slashdot thread?

Yea gods! Someone should contact the person at google responsible for responding to sensible slashdot comments immediately! Heads WILL roll!

Anonymous Coward

read the /. thread

A tech involved in spdy development did respond but not satisfactorily, or at all, when questions got tough.

And yes, heads should roll if they develop stuff which cannot be justified. That's called bad management.

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