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I don’t usually include apps in active beta in this column but DeskSMS is so darned useful I’ve decided to break my own rule. DeskSMS   DeskSMS Notifications and set-up Cooked up by the creator of ClockworkMod Recovery DeskSMS pushes your text messages from your phone to your Gmail and Google Talk accounts or to a web …


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Anonymous Coward

No Free..

It's not free - but then $4.99 for a year seems reasonable


Makes phonecalls too?

What was the bit about it making phonecalls, which disappeared from the screenshot of your draft copy? Enquiring minds, etc ;)



alternatively, gtalksms.

Once you get it configured to not be too annoying, which involves:

Creating two separate jabber accounts, one for your phone to notify you and the other for your pc to receive the notification (might not need to do the last step and could use your google account)

Getting the notifications right

it will:-

- tell you in the status the battery level

- IM you if the phone is ringing

- IM you if you receive a text

- you can reply by replying to the message

and you can do a bunch of other things like simulate ringing, take photos etc. etc.

Freebie (but to be fair not top quality yet)


From the author...

Studley, sadly a demonstration of my lamentable habit of going over word count!

Once you have synced your contacts with DeskSMS you can trigger your phone to call a number from the browser. I couldn't convince myself this was a key feature so I dropped the paragraph. If you have your phone rigged to some sort of hands free device on your desk it could be of use.

@ AC - it's free at the moment. It moves from a free beta to a paid app at the weekend. There may be a yearly or an all-time fee offered. As I understand it the developer hasn't decided on that yet but as you say $4.99pa seems most likely.


what about security and sms fees?

There seems to be a lot of spots for potential vulnerabilities...

For one thing, is everything sent encrypted? or is it all open to interception and hacking?

How do I know what international sms fees will be, if I decide to type a load of sms replies on my computer?

As it is, I mostly avoid sms, since its telco controlled, and use other types of messaging clients.

If sms had a reasonable (like 1 cent / message) fee, I'd use it, but international sms often cost upwards of 20 cents.


from the author

@ N15L3

The fees will be the same as if you had sent an sms from your handset - the app simply pushes information back and forth to your Android phone over its data link, it doesn't sent messages directly from Gmail or your browser.

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