back to article National police procurement hub goes live

The National Police Procurement Hub goes live today with coppers in Lincolnshire the first to implement the "Amazon" styled e-commerce platform. The portal set up by ProcServe with the backing of the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA), allows fuzz to buy IT, body armour and vehicles from 500 suppliers – though it was …


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For Sale - Senior Police Officer

Pension gold-plated - teflon coated elsewhere.

Good at PR, making the right political noises and dealing with peaceful protesters / photographers.

Could possibly be adapted to deal with rioters, but would need a lot of work.

Genuine reason for sale - Incompatible with traditional policing and rank and file officers.



Sprint II

It's basic economics 101 - if you have a single supplier you have a monopoly and therefore there is nothing to hold back price rises.

The best thing the government could do is set the specifications but allow any company to make and sell the equipment to those specs. The police forces can then buy from any of the companies selling the stuff. Competition between the companies selling the kit will keep prices down.

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