back to article Intel dangles $300m bait in 'ultrabook' partner hunt

Intel's investment arm has created a $300m fund to support the adoption of the slim, always-on, always-connected laptop platform it calls the ultrabook – or now, with the protection of the US Patent and Trademark office, the Ultrabook™. "The Intel Capital Ultrabook Fund aims to invest in companies building hardware and …


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  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Doomed to fail miserably I'm afraid

    for these reasons

    1) Networks will continue to charge by the bit for data.

    2) There are gaps in the networks (viz from one side of my house to the other)

    3) People won't be able to afford the data plans (in the USA because their networks are already creaking and groaning.)

    Intel is living in its little 'Always on, always connected bubble'. The real world is not like that I'm afraid. Perhaps in 2050 this might be a reality.

    Then what about the crowded city centres then? You often struggle to get a Phone connection let alone any data rate worth using the device...

    On my 25 mile journey to work 8 miles of the journey are out of mobile phone signal(O2 & Orange) and I'm less than 40 miles from central london.

  2. Mikel

    Tell people what not to invent

    Yeah, that'll work as well as it did the last hundred times.

  3. Pete B


    "...a very holistic approach to moving the entire market to a different kind of form factor..."

    What language is this in?

  4. Mediocrates Silver badge


    "What language is this in?"

    The official language of business -- Moronics

  5. Screws



    I invented a CPU cooler - 3 times better than best - better than water. Intel have major CPU cooling problems - "Intel's microprocessors were generating so much heat that they were melting" ( - try to talk to them - they send my communications to my competitor & will not talk to me.

    Winners of major 'Corporate Social Responsibility' awardS!!!


    When did RICO get repealed?"


    BTW, I have the evidence - my competitor gave it to me.

    BBTW, I am prepared to apologise to Intel if;

    • They can show that the actions were those of a single individual within the company, but acting outside corporate policy, and:

    • They gain redress on my behalf.

  6. Mediocrates Silver badge


    If you invented something 3 times better than the best, wouldn't that make it... the best? And then it would have to be 3 times better than itself. Continuously.

    My brain hurt now.

  7. Screws

    My CPU cooler

    OK, 3 times better than the best other, or the best currently marketed, or - up to you -

  8. Mikel


    This design is a knockoff of the Macbook Air. The same Macbook Air that has Intel processors and is going gangbusters. Intel's putting $300M into cloning one of their customers' products, shopping the designs around and investing in the takers. Have I got that right?

    That's not very friendly. Why, if I were Apple I think my feelings would be hurt.

  9. Will's

    Is teh I in Air still intel?

    I thought that Apple had suggested the next air was ARM based.

    Will any design be subject to embargo by the courts as passing off though?

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