back to article Old Republic parallel imports okay, says BioWare

Gamers in Australia have been reassured that they’ll be able to log into Star Wars: The Old Republic server ahead of the game’s official Australian ship date. The company is pursuing a strategy of staggered launches, either as a hype-raising marketing ploy or to give it time to roll out local servers, a decision that had been …


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A quarter of a second?

Wow, I want internet from whoever you're with! Standard ping time for transatlantic servers from Perth is around 500 to 600 ms. If it's congested, it's sometimes a full second or more.

Paris Hilton

Transatlantic servers?

I need an explanation. Is this referring to Perth, Scotland -- the real one -- or is it referring to Perth Western Australia?

Is the poster aware of where the Atlantic Ocean is? Has he been consuming to much Swan lager or Emu Export?

Paris, because even she knows (at least some of the time) where Paris is.


Thats why...

I use the ocean neutral term TRANS-OCEANIC. Is easier to hide ones ignorance behind general terms :p.

Baffling is the fact that on the article itself it says trans-pacific... so this lad didn't even read the article it seams. Maybe because it was too long?


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