back to article LinkedIn smashes through dire economy with HUGE sales jump

LinkedIn posted its first financial numbers on Thursday, after going public earlier this year, and surprised (almost) everyone by pinning a giddy revenue increase of 120 per cent on its Q2 results. The California-based company and Google neighbour just so happened to release those figures on what was a very bad day indeed for …


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Short version

Dire economy = tons of people out of work/looking for jobs = loads more competition for attention of recruiters = buying of premium packages.



Simple Idea...

...executed with differentiation from the other "me too" social networks.

The substitution of dollars (I almost said real money) and real lives, makes this game worth playing.

As the economy heats up, the networks formed in LinkEdin wil permeate the SMB Universe, and possibly extend to Enterprise and Gov.

Like the Biblical Eden, they just need to watch out for snakes.


I have no idea......

(No, not in general - specifically), why Linkedin has been such a success? It is undoubtedly the most annoying of all the social networks. I am constantly pestered by total losers, asking me to join them in loserville. Being associated with them would be a real badge of dishonour. Apparently, once you join, you are stalked even more.

I really don't want to be associated in any way with the type of desperate, greasy- pole climbers, who need an artificial business network to make contacts to further their career. Make your own fudging contacts, you're not having access to mine you lazy b*st*rds!

I couldn't swear to it, but I'm sure I was first invited about 10 years ago (maybe it just feels like that), but the whole thing disappeared into obscurity until a couple of years ago, when it made a comeback. Why? It's excrement!

Bronze badge

Ouroborosian statistics

"we saw record levels of members, unique visitors, and page views..."

Thanks to all the hype surrounding the IPO. Those are the most meaningless statistics for a site that depends on *active* members who nevertheless are too busy to piss away their time there.

"...while revenue growth further accelerated"

Thanks to advertisers lured in by the jump in traffic.

So is LinkedIn doomed? Not necessarily. I thought it was obnoxious (especially since the IPO announcement) until I signed up on Monster and Dice, briefly. And with CareerBuild I didn't even get that far (yep, it still exists.. WTF?)

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