back to article Turnbull lays out alternative architecture

Australia’s opposition communications spokesperson Malcolm Turnbull has outlined further details of his proposed model for the Australian broadband market. In a speech to the National Press Club on Wednesday, Turnbull proposed a model which would leave high-density, economically-viable locations served by market competition, …


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  1. Francis Vaughan


    As a resident of Oz, seriously dismayed by the cargo cult mentality of the NBN, I am really cheered by this. Turnbull is a lot of people's pick for our next PM. Not just by preference, but the betting will be flowing his way no matter what one's political leaning. So maybe, just maybe, sanity will prevail for real.

  2. flibbertigibbet

    What am I missing here?

    I am having trouble reconciling:

    > would be tasked with getting a minimum 12 Mbps to as many Australians as possible, “ideally within twelve months”. This would be followed by a rapid upgrade to 24 Mbps “within forty-eight months”.


    > a model which would leave high-density, economically-viable locations served by market competition, unsupported by government

    Most people in these economically-viable areas do not have 24 Mbps. Most don't have 12 Mbps. So how are these people going to be upgraded to those speed without support from the government? Presumably if it was economically-viable, it would already have been done.

    And how do you propose to force the split up a private company like Telstra? Turnbull blandly asserts that "more valuable to shareholders in the long term". Surely if the shareholders actually believed that it would have been done by now.

    There is also the minor issue of this approach of paying the local oligopoly to upgrade the copper why leaving the open having been tried, and failed. I guess its possible that since we have said adois to Saul and Phil, attitudes have changed.

    All in all, this seems like putting up something different form what the government is doing that will survive the cursory inspection it will get at election time. Ahh well. I guess it is better than the hopeless plan they floated at the last election, although I am lending it more dignity than it deserves by calling it a plan.

    1. -tim

      You don't say...

      I get heaps of megabits now but when then NBN shows up, they can't run connection to me since I'm in a battle axe block. Once the copper goes away, I drop in speed. Meanwhile the Libs plan would allow my current ISP to provide my service on a non-Telstra dslam and I wouldn't be paying for hitting the limits. Limits I might mention are all over the NBN business plan. The NBN will not be cheaper for anyone on a TPG dslam and what happens when a car mounts the curb and hits the wrong box and takes out fibre for half a million users? If the Libs had rolled out their poorly verbalised plan with duct access, I could be getting gigabit up/gigabit down today but it would involve direct buried fibre where there is no room for the over protected ducting that isn't needed. I've need doing fibER for since 1985 and I don't see this working as it says on the tin.

  3. Winkypop Silver badge


    As above

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