back to article OCZ jumps harder on enterprise PCIe bandwagon

OCZ has announced its third Z-drive refresh in two years, with the Z-Drive R4 going more than four times faster than the first version product. The company has three PCIe flash drives: the RevoDrive is for workstations and NAS servers; the VeloDrive is for small and medium business and system integrators; while the Z_Drive is …


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o dear lawd

imagining 3.84tb of flash storage makes me think this page should end in .xxx


OCZ Redefines "Enterprise"... 15% failure rate in 90 days, 25% failure rate in 6 months. There are some serious flaws to consider:

-- 4-way or 8-way RAID0 default configuration (depending on model)

-- No advanced exchange warranty program

-- Limited documentation and sketchy drivers

-- Unhelpful technical support

Take a quick look at or Google Products for customer reviews of their IBIS and Z-Drive R2 product lines before dropping $2K - $8K for these puppies.


Not my experience

As an early adopter of an enterprise E84 Z-Drive way back in its initial iteration I must say I disagree with you with some of your comments.

Indeed (I laugh about it now but it was painful back then), my Z-Drive bricked within 10-days of being delivered on account of its LSI controller.

However, the experience of their customer service and RMA process was as professional and courteous as I ever come across.

The replacement which arrived within a week, has been doing sterling work on my rig for the last 2 years on a 24/7 basis.

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Not my experience either. Indeed, their RMA rate is higher than, say, Intel, however the RMA process is painless and quick.

My experience is similar to turtle fan, RMA'd the first I received (DOA), the replacement has been rock solid for over a year now running 24/7.


raid0 on card is fine, also, ibis are fine

whats wrong with the 4 or 8 way raid0? If you doing this properly you'd buy two cards and use software mirroring.

I've also done a lot of benchmarking on 2 x 240gb ibis cards in that configuration and they work brilliantly, on my simple database workload I can very easily overload the cores so they can't keep up (see my blog on it and the other tests I've done so far on them:

I think the majority of ibis problems come because of motherboard imcompatibility problems caused by the lack of bios memory available.


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The tech exists...

now can we please have it on an an expresscard, using the pcie lane available...

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