back to article Ofcom clears 4G for maritime navigation

Ofcom's investigation into the potential for 4G telephony to knock out maritime radar has concluded that it just won't happen, at least not in any significant way. A technical examination (PDF, dull) carried out by the regulator concludes that even taking worst-case assumptions – that operators build 4G masts pointing directly …


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Meters are things that measure gas consumption!

"within 500 meters" is this a line of gas meters or are we talking about the ISO unit of Metres?

Rant over!


According to the ever correct wiki

The metre (or meter), symbol m, is the base unit of length in the International System of Units (SI).

And in the US it is likely to be meter

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1/2 KM

I don't see how claiming the radar is only affected with in 500 metres can used to dismiss the issue. Approaches in to busy harbours or passage along navigable rivers, which may well be within 1/2 km of a mast, is where radar might be crucial.

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